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Designers of the future

Opdrachtgever: Wouter Mikmak Foundation/TU Delft Bouwkunde
Periode: 2006 - 2016

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Wouter Mikmak Foundation The Wouter Mikmak Foundation was established in honor of the architect Wouter Jorinus Mikmak (1891-1976), who studied architecture in Delft and became a practicing architect in the Netherlands. He realized his greatest work in the fields of housing and public building between 1917 and 1932. Following his death, Mikmak’s widow uttered the wish to develop an initiative for young architects to honor her late husband. The Mikmak family approached the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology and the DBSG Stylos Society. In September 2005, this collaboration resulted in the formation of the Wouter Mikmak Foundation.

Designers of the Future The main goal of the Wouter Mikmak Foundation is to actively contribute to the architectural debate and knowledge in the Netherlands. In order to do so, the foundation organizes a yearly lecture. The series is called Designers of the Future. International architects, urban designers, landscape architects and theoreticians are invited to offer their vision of the future challenges of the discipline. Subsequently, these lectures are published as books in cooperation with SUN architecture Publishers, Amsterdam. It is the intention of the Mikmak Foundation to make in this way a substantial contribution to the education of young architects, as well as to the development of the architectural practice and reflection in the Netherlands.