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Alan Berger, Systemic design can change the world, SUN

Opdarchtgever: Wouter Mikmak Foundation/TU Delft
Uitgave: Wouter Mikmak Foundation /SUN Publishers
Periode: 2009
Formaat: 21,3 x 20,9 cm
Omvang: 100 p.
ISBN: 978 90 8506 8761

About the author
In his design lab P-REX, Alan Berger, Professor of Urbanism and Landscape Design at MIT, investigates the principle of Systemic Design. Systemic Design seeks to interact with the environmental, economic
and programmatic stresses across regional territories. Berger currently serves as a consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Brownfield and Superfund site revitalization. He published Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America (Princeton Architectural Press, 2006), Reclaiming the American West (Princeton Architectural Press, 2002). His other books include Designing the Reclaimed Landscape, (Taylor & Francis, January 2008).